About me:

I live in the highlands of Scotland and have been walking on the hills for over 20 years. Living in a natural environment, inspires and allows the freedom within me to be creative in different ways. Since childhood I have always been inspired by nature and being outdoors and how the change of seasons and time of year can affect how we feel each day in our yoga practice.

My Journey: I have over 1,500 hours of accredited teacher training studies and have been teaching and practicing Yoga for many years. I hold a British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma from 2007.
My diploma course Tutor, Margaret Woodley introduced me to the teachings of Paul Harvey and T.K.V. Desikachar.

Further studies:
The Art of yoga – Ranju Roy/Dave Charlton
The Art of Individual tuition – Ranju Roy/Dave Charlton
Yoga for cancer: Julie Friedeberger
Yoga for pregnancy: Wendy Teasdill
Āyurveda – Ann Johnston
First Aid
Former co-director Association for Yoga Studies July 2018/July 2020
Association for Yoga Studies convention organiser from 2012
Former County Representative In Service Training Organiser for the British Wheel of Yoga/Herts. 2009/2012.

I offer:

Yoga and walking retreats – The Highlands
Small group classes
1 to 1 tuition
Workshops & Retreats
Yoga therapy

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