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I am American by birth, a former ballet dancer from New York, and have been in Britain since 1987. For 25 years, I have made my home in Presteigne in the Welsh Borders, where I have taught for the last 22.

I trained first with Jenny Bullough and Paul Harvey (the CYS 4-year practitioner training and 2 years of further studies) and in recent years my one-to-one teacher is Mike Young; I also study with Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy of Sadhana Mala. I teach small groups and one-to-one students from my home studio; more recently, I have completed a Vedic chant training with Sheela Shankar, and run occasional informal chant workshops, also at my home.  Chanting is my absolute passion, and I have been doing singing lessons with Sheela as well.

For me, yoga is a personal journey of development first and foremost, an experience of connection with others and with the world. It has been in the past a valuable tool for everyday living; I raised four daughters with my husband and, for a long time, yoga provided me with the energy and clarity to navigate those years. As my children have grown though, I find my focus has somewhat changed: I have more time to study, to learn, to practise and to share.

Though my initial experience of yoga was primarily through the body—the way any dancer understands the world—the realisation that everything begins and ends with the breath continues to astound me.

I offer:

Group Yoga classes
Individual Yoga Sessions
Workshops & Retreats
Yoga therapy

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