About me:

Hello! I am Julian Fraser.
My background is as an artist, printmaker and art teacher for the last 40 years. I started Yoga classes at age 50 with Paul Fox (British Wheel of Yoga). It changed my life.
In 2011, at a difficult time in my life I was introduced to Ranju Roy and our tradition in his group classes, and it felt like coming home. I completed my teacher training with Ranju and Dave Charlton (Sadhana Mala) 2 years later. I undertook another wonderful 2 year training with them focusing on one-to-one teaching and Yoga therapy, graduating in 2015 (Sadhana Mala A.I.T.).

In 2018 I completed Level 1 & 2 Reiki with Yvonne Cattermole. In 2019, Module 1 in Vedic Chanting with Sadhana Mala in association with Yoga Nidhi (Sheela and Ravi Shankar). I am currently studying module 2 in Vedic Chanting also with Yoga Nidhi.
Yoga, with the effort of regular practice, helps to open up an inner space within us in which we can BE….free from the normal mind whirring and distractions.
I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to this ancient system, passed down from teacher to student and kept alive.

I have been teaching group and individual classes since 2012 and have continued to do so on Zoom during the pandemic. Although not a replacement of being face to face, it does help to keep the practice alive.

I offer:

Group Yoga classes
Individual Yoga Sessions
Yoga therapy,

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