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I work in the Viniyoga tradition, offering breath-based yoga sessions and tuition. This slow meditative approach emphasises the breath as support and guide, making it gentle yet deep. Modifications of postures are offered to tailor the practice to the individual making it suitable for all. In my classes I aim to create a safe and supportive space, where attendees can (re)discover their breath and work with it for better self-awareness and health. Whilst freeing the body this approach also increases mental resilience and emotional stability. I am passionate about this, having initially come to yoga via work stress and having felt so profoundly it’s benefits. As an authentic form of yoga, Viniyoga is underpinned by ancient philosophy and a continuing lineage.

I am privileged to have as my tutors Ranju Roy and David Charlton whose approach translates these teachings so beautifully to contemporary life. I draw on this yoga philosophy (with a light touch!) in class; and other themes, such as an anatomical focus, also underpin sessions.

I live in South Devon where I offer regular weekly and monthly classes; prenatal and postnatal courses; bespoke workshops for specific groups and one to one tuition.

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