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I am a musician and yoga teacher. I love both because they make me feel more alive – both explore how we relate to the essential, deep place inside ourselves and to the people and the world around us. I hope that I can share this with others through my work.

I began studying yoga seriously in 2001 with Hanne Gillespie in Dublin and took the Sādhana Māla 750-hour teacher training and yoga therapy course with Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy. Through them, I met the late Peter Hersnack, and studied with him until his death in 2016. Since then I have continued working with his wife, Colette, and Sylvie Palot, together with other former students of Peter’s from around the world. 

I teach group classes, individual sessions, workshops and retreats in and around Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland. I have taught in the UK, Europe and Canada and, more recently, online! I have also developed workshops specifically combining yoga and sound, and I have embarked on Yoga for Changing Times, an evolving project exploring how yoga can support us and respond to our rapidly-changing world. 

I was closely involved in the translation of Peter Hersnack’s book, The Living Breath from French into English and I’m helping with the translation of his website.

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