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My approach to Yoga is sensitive and varied, respecting each individual’s uniqueness and starting point. My aim is to share the spirit of Yoga with you and the community through my classes, 121’s and workshops.
I teach small, friendly Yoga classes suitable for all ages and abilities based around Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

Furthermore, my teaching also includes small, therapeutic classes and one to one Yoga tuition and therapy which is the application of Yoga practices for health and healing in order to alleviate many common ailments.
Practices in both 121s, classes and workshops include simple physical postures, breathing techniques, relaxation practices, meditation and study.

You will find that my personal experience of Yoga has shown it to be a useful tool for everyday situations and a daily practice has been an incredible support on many different levels. Yoga begins where you are now and this is fundamental to your practice.

Today, I continue to study with senior teachers within the aYs as well as attending workshops/retreats and my own 121 sessions. I began my career in 1994 as school teacher and have been studying and practising Yoga since the mid-1990s.
I was introduced to the teachings of T. K. Krishnamacharya by Sheila Baker (aYs) and have studied with Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton as part of the Sadhana Mala Teacher and Therapy Practitioner Programme (aYs).

I offer:

Group Yoga classes
Individual Yoga Sessions
Workshops & Retreats
Yoga therapy

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