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 I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. I have been teaching yoga for 22 years and working in yoga therapy for 13 years.
The viniyoga approach with emphasis on individual teaching and appropriate application of yoga, immediately appealed to me. I teach yoga which combines asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath practice), meditation and chant.

My yoga therapy work covers a specialism in yoga for back pain and back health, neurological conditions such as MS, yoga for mental wellbeing – dealing with anxiety, depression and foundation training in trauma sensitive yoga.
I’m a science graduate and I love reading about the developing scientific understanding of yoga. I also love the experiential and intensely personal qualities of yoga; qualities that are sometimes hard to convey through words.

Yoga is a beautiful mix of the personal, poetic, intangible, sensory and logical. I look forward to sharing that with you.

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Group Yoga classes
Individual Yoga Sessions
Workshops & Retreats
Yoga therapy

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