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I have have been teaching Yoga since 2004, originally in Limerick, Ireland, and since 2012 mostly in France but also the UK, Dubai and India.
I have been lucky to have met wonderful and inspiring teachers in the Vinyoga tradition, Hanne Gillespie, Ranju Roy, Dave Charlton and Peter Hersnack primarily.
I have also trained and practiced as an Ayurvedic practitioner since 2003. My teaching is grounded in Ayurvedic principles that go to the heart of practice aligned to individual personalities, capacities and limitations.

In my classes I aim to guide students towards an experience of a quieter embodied mind, while teaching the principles and key practices found in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.
Yoga benefits our body but is not a body culture: Our bodies and our breath are our vehicles for practice, a journey to the heart of what it is to be alive, what animates us.
This connection to the intelligent life within brings with it a profound sense of wellbeing, comfort and inspiration.

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Workshops & Retreats
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