Yoga for Changing Times, surya

The Yoga for Changing Times series is an opportunity to make connections between our practice and the times we live in, whether it’s in relation to environmental or humanitarian concerns. The workshops are open to anyone who would like to enquire more deeply into how yoga resonates for us – now. The summer solstice is a powerful moment to connect with the power of the sun, both externally and internally. Surya, the sun in us, the solar plexus centre, is the symbolic location of our relation with the world around us. How can we negotiate the relationship with the fire in us, to respect but not abuse it? How do we relate this to what is happening on a planetary level? There will be time for practice and sharing experiences.

The sessions are all recorded, and joining via recording only also possible if you can’t make it in real time (same price).

Fri 4-7 pm; Sat 10 am-1 pm

Cost: £65 or €75




Jun 21 - 22 2024

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Eleanor Dawson


Eleanor Dawson
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