Tapestry of Sound Weekend Workshop April 2024

A Tapestry of Sound & Prāṇa

A weekend workshop in Malvern with Erika Lyons & Zoe Herington

13/14 April 2024 10am-4pm
£150 (earlybird before 8 March, £165 thereafter)

We live in a world of sound.
Our hearing and the sounds we make enable us to understand the world, to interact with others.
Hearing is the subtlest of our senses – often our first and last experience as we enter and leave this life.
For centuries, oral transmission of ancient teachings was the only method.
With the advent of modern technology, we have gradually lost the power to listen.
In the Yoga tradition, Vedic chanting is seen as a valuable meditative practice:
• Allowing us to explore the power of sound
• Developing the skill of listening
• Finding our voice amidst the noise of modern life

Join Erika & Zoe for voice exercises, Yoga practices with sound and simple chanting.

What the course offers:

We offer an opportunity to explore your relationship with Sound within Yoga practice and Chanting, in an embodied way:
A range of musical practices will encourage the capacity to listen more deeply and find confidence in connecting with your unique voice. We will explore some of the rules of chanting in relation to elements of music, e.g. svara(pitch/notes), mātrā (duration/rhythm) and sāma (flow/continuity).
Together with practices involving the use of sound in āsana and prāṇāyāma, we’ll be working with mantra, japam and chant (at a level appropriate to the group), aiming to reveal the power of vocal expression as a means for transformation.
This course aims to lay a solid foundation for further study of chanting by playing with ways to connect with your own voice and inner listening. You will be most welcome whether you are new to or familiar with chanting and other practices involving sound in Yoga, whether you are confident or find it a challenge to use sound and your voice.
Some familiarity with Yoga practice in the tradition of TKV Desikachar would be helpful but not essential. A willingness to be open and to join in with the group is all that is needed.

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Erika Lyons

‘One of the threads woven into my chanting practice is to wonder about and play with ideas around relationship. For me, chanting supports the exploration of the shift from gross to subtle, from fully embodied in physical movement to deep inner listening and attention to the breath, revealing relationship through resonance and stillness.’

Erika Lyons, music therapist and chanting teacher

Zoe Herington

‘Chanting acts like a mirror: reflecting the movements of the mind from moment to moment. I have found that, with continued practice, it engages and encourages focus in a subtle but powerful way; developing concentration and making a profound contribution to peace of mind.’

Zoe Herington, Yoga and chanting teacher


Apr 13 - 14 2024


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Zoe Herington


Zoe Herington

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Erika Lyons
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