The Living Breath – an Art of Yoga – translation of Peter Hersnack’s La Chair Vivante – coming soon! 

After a long labour of love on the part of a dedicated team, The translation of La Chair Vivante is now with the designers. Publication is due for late October, 2018. Watch this space for more details on the exact publication date.

The title, The Living Breath, was Peter’s own, and the subtitle, an Art of Yoga was chosen by his wife, Colette, to reflect Peter’s feeling of Yoga as an art-form, which is also present as the name of the organisation and website dedicated to his work: Art of Yoga – Peter Hersnack. (

I first tentatively suggested the idea of a translation to Peter in 2010, with the desire to share his written work with his students who were unable to read the original French. I worked on the translation in consultation with Peter and, after his death in 2016, Colette formed a team of 5 bilingual students of Peter to help bring the project to fruition. The process has been infinitely rewarding – hours of work to find a way to bring Peter’s teaching – and his spirit – alive in English, and forging new friendships along the way.

The original French book was edited from tapes of a retreat Peter taught in 2002. Our translation is faithful to the original, but with the addition of more precise practice instructions for those new to this work, a Glossary of Sanskrit terms and Peter’s own coined words, amd beautiful ‘petits bijoux’, or ‘little gems’ – phrases of Peter’s taken from the original retreat and chosen by Sheila Baker, who was a participant there. Sheila has also lovingly redrawn the practices and diagrams, as well as doing the cover image. Our hope was to make the book accessible not only to people who knew Peter and were familiar with his work, but also to newer students and other interested readers.

The book will be a beautiful representation of Peter’s teaching; for his own students, a reminder of Peter and his  teaching and vision of life, and for those new to his work, a glimpse of a rare and exceptional human being, and a way into his world, giving enough food for thought and practice for a lifetime.

Liz Knott and her husband Phil have kindly taken on the job of taking orders and distributing copies. You can order your copy any time from now from Liz

The final cost is still to be finalised but we estimated at around €15/£12.95

We have printed some bookmarks advertising the book. Some of you may have seen them at Convention.  These are available free of charge and we encourage you to hand these out to students.  If you would like a bundle of bookmarks please contact Jan Cumming with your address and she will organise sending them to you over the summer.

We are holding a book launch at Launde Abbey, Leicestershire, on Thursday, 13th December. Launde was where Peter gave many retreats, and was a place he loved. Come and join us for tea around 3pm, with the option of staying overnight Thursday-Friday for those who have to travel. Contact Sheila Baker for more details:

Eleanor Dawson

Peter’s website,, is currently in the process of going bilingual, and more articles are being translated into English all the time. The main website is open to everyone – do have a look! To access his articles, in either French or English, you need to join the association Art of Yoga- Peter Hersnack (annual fee 20 euro) For more information contact Christophe Gires, the association’s Treasurer, Christophe has excellent English and will be able to help you! Other general queries about Peter’s work in English can be sent to me at