Inner Sanctum

Inner sanctum: exploring the moment

Our daily lives allow little time and space to explore the Yoga practice in depth. Sometimes we can find a deeper awareness in the practice, but it’s difficult to take time for sustained experimentation.

Using some familiar Yoga models like manas/ahamkāra/buddhi and the pañca-maya as our starting points, we’d like to use exercises, mini-practices and discussion to explore aspects of our practice in depth.

The emphasis throughout the weekend will be experiential, but with time to discuss our findings and experiences together. These will, of course, be different for everyone, adding to the richness.

Using bhavana and mindful techniques in the practice can be very helpful, as we know, but we are hoping to find more time to explore those subtler background attitudes which accompany everything we do.

This usually means taking extra time and we will do so, hopefully to recognise and identify some of these subtler, more internal, aspects of the moment. This is, literally, svādhyāya, of course: sva: ‘one’s own’ and adhyāya: ‘going into’.

Cost: £395 Please contact Eleanor Dawson or Hilary Norman for further information and a booking form.


Apr 29 2022 - May 01 2022


Eleanor Dawson


Eleanor Dawson

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