Finding space with Hilary Norman and Eleanor Dawson

An online Yoga weekend with Hilary Norman and Eleanor Dawson

It is a common experience among Yoga practitioners to find a depth of equanimity on a retreat that it is difficult to sustain in everyday life. We had hoped to teach at Woodbrooke this year and to concentrate on the contemplative aspects of Yoga and practice. We have chosen to go ahead online and, while it can’t be the same as being on retreat, we would still like to concentrate on these aspects. What might come relatively easily when we’re away on a retreat, can become a challenge at home. So, since so many of us are now having to spend more time at home, we would like to explore more deeply what is possible.
Can we make more effort to find spaces and to prolong a sense of equanimity in our own homes?
Do we explore all the possibilities that are open to us, or do we fall into old habits which inhibit that exploration?
Svādhyāya will be our central theme, and we want to explore this in its many aspects.

While Zoom will be our point of direct contact, there will be regular spaces in the timetable to spend time outside and away from the screen – all contributing to the theme of svādhyāya.
Our practices will include āsana, prānāyāma, chanting and meditation and there will be periods of silence. We hope you’ll join us in our experiment!

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Feb 12 - 14 2021


All Day

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Hilary Norman

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