Axis and Form – a weekend retreat

Axis and Form – a weekend retreat
Chihuly’s Lime Crystal Tower
May be held online if Holland House is not possible
19-21 March 2021


Cheryl Blamey, Eleanor Dawson, Marian Hacking-Gaines, Sheila Baker
Following on from our 2018 retreat on the legacy of Peter Hersnack’s teaching, we will explore various aspects of the Axis and Form bhāvana through practice and discussion


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Holland House
Following on from the retreat at Holland House 2 years ago, we will continue exploring Peter Hersnack’s teachings, in particular the ‘Axis and Form’ bhāvana which he used so often in different contexts, and which is referred to his book ‘The Living Breath’.
Those of us teaching will offer practices around different aspects of this main theme, bringing into the mix our own ideas as they have evolved over recent years.  There will be the opportunity for discussion, and ‘time out’ to relax quietly, chat, or walk.’


Mar 19 - 21 2021


All Day


£310 – Full board and tuition


Holland House
Holland House, Main Street, Cropthorne, Worcestershire WR10 3NB
Cheryl Blamey


Cheryl Blamey

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