aYs Convention 2022
22 – 24 July, 2022
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Cikitsa – Yoga Therapy and its place in the teachings of TKV Desikachar

What a delight we have for our Convention this year; our plenary speaker,
Nrithya Jagannathan from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, will take us through ‘Cikitsa – Yoga Therapy and its place in the teachings of TKV Desikachar’. This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students alike to learn from a hugely experienced teacher.

We hope to be holding a live event this year, subject to any restrictions that may be in place in July.

Further details will be added in due course and please  contact events@ays.org.uk for the latest information.

Past Conventions

2021 Martyn Neal Roots and Branches: The Teachings of TKV Desikachar (Joint Event with TYSP).
2020 Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy Embodying the Yoga Sūtra.
2019 Ravi Shankar and Sheela Shankar Yoga and Music.
2018 François Lorin Yoga and Fear.
2017 Eleanor Dawson and Hilary Norman The Yoga Sūtra and Emotional Intelligence.
2016 Sylviane Gianina Embracing Change – Pariṇāma.
2015 Gill Lloyd The Heart of Yoga.
2014 Navtej Johar Yoga and Faith.
2013 Sriram Yoga and Emotion.
2012 Peter Hersnack Freedom in Relationship: The Path of Yoga.
2011 Chris Preist and Miranda Bevis The Viniyoga of Meditation.
2010 Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy, with Ruth Gilmore The ABC of Yoga: Awareness, Being, Seeing.
2009 Sheila Baker Inside Out – Outside Inside.
2008 Peter Hersnack Yoga Pradīpīkā: Special Light on Yoga.

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