Roots and branches

the teachings of TKV Desikachar

aYs Convention 2021
23–25 July, 2021
aYs and TSYP: a joint online event 
Plenary speaker: Martyn Neal
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We’re pleased to announce this very special event for 2021, which will replace our usual convention for the year.
aYs and TSYP share a common source – Yoga in the tradition of Desikachar and Krishnamacharya. The event is being held in response to the enthusiasm from members of both organisations to come together, exchange ideas and explore their common interests. Planning the event has made us realise how much we have in common.
The event is open to anybody – aYs and TSYP members as well as people from other Yoga backgrounds wishing to know more about how we work.
We’re delighted that Martyn Neal, a student of Desikachar, will be our plenary speaker. Martyn will talk about his early days with Desikachar and explore the Roots and Branches theme. There will be a rich range of workshops led by teachers from both organisations and plenty of time for discussion.
The event was scheduled to take place at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, but we have now made the decision to hold it online given the current uncertainties with regard to the coronavirus pandemic. We are still sure that it will be a wonderful event, and we shall use all the facilities which online offers to make it as close to meeting in person as possible.
This will be a very special event and we recommend that everyone book early!
We hope very much to see many of you there…
José Kirby, Eleanor Dawson, Hilary Norman, Debbie Kerr-Nesbitt (aYs)
Bea Teuten, Katrina Heather (TSYP)
Event Organiser, Debbie Kerr-Nesbitt

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