We are delighted to announce that François Lorin will be our Guest Plenary Speaker for aYs Convention 2018. He is enthusiastic about coming to England, where he first came in the 1960s to study with Krishnamurti. Francois will be looking at the subject of Yoga and Fear.  Using the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Sutras he will guide us through this area. Asking us when and why does fear begin, can we ever be free from it and how might that be possible. It will no doubt be a very thought provoking weekend.

François Lorin was born in Paris in 1941. Between 1963 and 1987 he followed the teaching of Krishnamurti in both India and in Europe. He was one of the first European students of TKV Desikachar, starting from 1966, and received his Diploma of Viniyoga in 1987. From 1993-9 François studied a programme of psychological spirituality with Dr. Richard Moss, author of ‘Black Butterfly’. He also holds a diploma in Ayurvedic massage.

François Lorin has been teaching yoga since 1969, and running teacher-training courses since 1972. He regularly teaches and speaks at conferences, and is also active as a writer and translator, contributing over many years to the international journal Viniyoga. François was a founder member of C.E.R.Y., a school for trainee yoga teachers, and also of I.F.Y. (Institut Français de Yoga).

Francois Lorin has recently published Le Livre du Maintenant – The Book of the Now; a translation and commentary of the Yoga Sutra shot through with his own writings and images to reflect, as he says, ‘the resonances which have been born in me through this text’.

François will be coming with his wife, Josselyne. It is a real privilege for us, and we look forward to welcoming them both to Woodbrooke, 27 -29 July, 2018. It should be a very special weekend.