All teacher and practitioner members of aYs are currently required to complete CPD each calendar year in order to remain on our register. You may fulfil this requirement in one of several ways:

1.Full attendance at the aYs Convention.
2. Attendance of one or more events of at least 10 hours total with an aYs teacher approved to teach CPD workshops, or at least 10 hours with another recognised teacher within this tradition (see the aYs website for a list of approved teachers). CPD events arranged by TSYP are also suitable. If you are in doubt about whether any other event will qualify, please contact us.
3. In addition to the 10 hours of CPD training, a minimum of 2 hours of high quality one-to-one tuition with a recognised teacher within the tradition (for example, direct students of Desikachar or CPD-approved aYs teachers – see the aYs website for a complete list). For members currently without a teacher, the one-to-one teaching can be replaced by group peer support leading to the submission of two articles (each 1,000–1,500 words) for submission to the website and/or aYs Journal. It may also include up to 3 hours of chanting tuition.

Five full years after graduating at practitioner level, you will have the choice of replacing the standard CPD requirements with one of the options below, to allow for exploration of other topics. Please note that this option can be used, at most, every second year.

1. Up to 15 hours of CPD quality work provided by teachers in other yoga traditions, or in disciplines related to yoga (eg, meditation, ayurveda, sāṃkhya, physiology).
2. Preparation and teaching of a new workshop (eg, a weekend, linked days or a week’s retreat). A scheme of work and student feedback is to be submitted.
3. A short piece of original research, written up as an article of at least 1,000 words.
.4 Professional standards training of some form (eg, ethics, pedagogy, lesson planning, etc).

All members are required to fill in a form each year describing what you have gained from your CPD in the current year and outlining what you would like to complete in the following year. These are available from Melissa and also available on the here:   Members Form PDF     Members Form .doc

NB The aYs will consider waiving a member’s annual CPD in exceptional circumstances (illness, moving, divorce, etc). If you have been unable to fulfill your CPD annual requirement, please let us know giving your reasons why.

Approval of CPD teachers and workshops

We are keen that more teachers offer workshops that are considered appropriate for CPD. To this end, the following options are open to teachers wishing to teach at CPD level:

1 An experienced teacher seeking to teach at CPD level should submit a CV of workshop/retreat teaching experience, and the scheme of work for a sample workshop they have taught or plan to teach. (As a minimum guideline applicants should have taught 5 themed workshops and at least one weekend retreat over a period of 2 years. Applications will be considered individually.) In addition, they will normally be observed teaching in a workshop setting, such as at the aYs Convention.
2 Accreditation to teach at CPD level will not normally be possible until 5 years after graduating at practitioner level. However, a teacher with a particular speciality may be recognised earlier using the same process.
3 Less experienced teachers may offer one-off workshops which will count as CPD if supervised (for example through one-to-one lessons) by another teacher experienced in teaching at CPD level.

If you have any questions about CPD, please contact the aYs Administrator, Melissa Lomas: 


If you wish to download this information in PDF format then please access the document here   CPD requirements