A Celebration for “The Living Breath”

On Thursday 13th December; a cold, crisp and sunny day; a special celebration took place at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire.  It was to celebrate the publication of “The Living Breath – An Art of Yoga” in English, a translation of the French book detailing Peter Hersnack’s course which took place [...]

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The Living Breath – an Art of Yoga – translation of Peter Hersnack’s La Chair Vivante – coming soon!

 The Living Breath - an Art of Yoga - translation of Peter Hersnack's La Chair Vivante - coming soon!  After a long labour of love on the part of a dedicated team, The translation of La Chair Vivante is now with the designers. Publication is due for late October, 2018. Watch this [...]

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How the Spirit of Yoga is transmitted

                        This past weekend, sixteen of TKV Desikachar’s long term students from around the world met and spent time together in the South of France. We reflected on what we each personally received from our teacher through our individual [...]

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Convention 2018 – Yoga & Fear

We are delighted to announce that François Lorin will be our Guest Plenary Speaker for aYs Convention 2018. He is enthusiastic about coming to England, where he first came in the 1960s to study with Krishnamurti. Francois will be looking at the subject of Yoga and Fear.  Using the Bhagavad [...]

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Mindfulness by Miranda Bevis

Mindfulness is in the news as an antidote to the stresses of modern life and in the treatment of assorted physical and psychological ills. You hear about it on Radio 4, read about it in the Sunday supplements. Courses are being advertised everywhere. It’s taught in the mental health services, [...]

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Working with yoga as a therapy for back pain by Sharon Lovell

When I finished Paul Harvey’s four-year practitioner course in 2004, I spent a while pondering on where my yoga journey would take me. I was currently teaching two group classes which I enjoyed, but colleagues around me were deciding whether to teach yoga for pregnancy, yoga for children, to look [...]

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The Breath in Âsana by Peter Hersnack

(Peter Hersnack led a four-day retreat at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire in September and in this article explains how seeing and being are linked to the breath in asana) Seeing and being in the Yoga Sutra The Yoga Sutra suggests two lines of investigation that are interwoven all along its [...]

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Opening to Ageing by Jane Slemeck

As I make my own transition from midlife into old age I have been drawn to research and contemplate what it really means to be an elder in our society, not just an ‘old person’. If you were asked to make two lists, one on what you are looking forward [...]

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Into this Breathing World by John Kapp

(The following conference was held at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) on 6 October 2008, organised by the hypnosis section of the RSM, attended by 60 people. The chairman was the president of the section, Dr Martin Wall) Dr David Beales, physician and GP in Bristol, has worked for [...]

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aYs Guidelines for Safeguarding Policy

As yoga practitioners and teachers we promote and uphold the principal of ahimsa = non-violence and respect – one of the components of yama, the first of the eight limbs of yoga. This informs the way we relate to each other, to our students, and to all people with whom we come into [...]

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Tribute to a Master of the Living

Peter Hersnack magician musician tightrope walker alchemist visionary artist creator Life bearer what is fluid, moving, fragile, tender, sensitive to listen, to touch, to watch, to taste, to smell Life instinctively : all senses make sense, meaning is revealed bending over, bowing, reverence, humility, what is little, weak, vulnerable, where [...]

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The aYs and the British Council for Yoga Therapy

The BCYT is the UK forum for yoga therapy organisations, promoting high standards in the training and provision of yoga therapy. It supports the regulation process provided by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (which is recognised by the Dept. of Health) and promotes yoga therapy to the public, medical [...]

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Creative change – from to do lists to being the change

What is change? There has always been change on Earth, change is inherent to prakrti, it is the only thing permanent in the manifest world, parinâma vada. Change is the underlying law allowing permutation of elements, movement, shift, transformation, transmutation, evolution … It is an expression of conscious and deliberate [...]

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Book Review – Windows Into the Infinite

Submitted by Rich Horn on Thu, 10/02/2011 - 15:11 Author:  Barbara Powell Medium: Book ISBN:  978-0875730721 Publisher: Jain Pub Co (October 1, 1996) Synopsis: A Guide to the Hindu Scriptures Powell provides a detailed summary of and commentary on the mainstream of Hindu scripture--the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, the [...]

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Book Review – Keys for understanding yoga (under various titles)

Submitted by Susan Neale on Wed, 16/02/2011 - 12:32 Author:  Ranju Roy & Dave Charlton Medium: Book Publisher: Fonky Guru Publications, 2010 Synopsis: A series of pamphlets "expressing some important ideas that have illuminated their path" The pamphlets are colour-coded under 3 headings – philosophy; ideas for teachers; ideas for [...]

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Book Review – Teach us to sit still: a sceptic’s search for health and healing

Review Submitted by Susan Neale on Wed, 16/02/2011 - 13:03 Author: Tim Parks Medium: Book ISBN: 9781846553998 Publisher: Harvill Secker, 2010 Synopsis: A journey through pain and anxiety to peace of body and mind through breath work and meditation For those of us who have been steeped in yoga for [...]

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Book Review – The Letter

Review Submitted by Carole Wagstaff on Mon, 23/07/2012 - 09:54 Author:  Sylvia Atkinson Medium: Book ISBN:  978-1-4678-8082-4 Publisher:  AuthorHouse Synopsis: A fictionalized account of Sylvia's parents, who overcame disadvantage, race, war, and disability. Having just come back from the Convention where Peter Hersnack talked about Yama and Niyama, and the [...]

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Yoga for Dyslexia : Lydia Dring

I am most fortunate to work in a school with an exceptionally supportive attitude towards their dyslexic pupils. Last year I was able to conduct a project using yoga techniques with a small group of year 7 pupils (11-12yrs). As an experienced yoga teacher and specialist dyslexia teacher the potentials [...]

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Mystery of menopause : Sylviane Gianina

In the Spring Newsletter I drew parallels between puberty and menopause. This article looks at opportunities for spiritual development related to the transition period of menopause, and how yoga can help. What is menopause ? Menopause marks the end of the fertile years in which a woman can give birth [...]

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Supervision in Psychotherapy : Jenny Hill

I have been invited by my yoga teacher to write something about supervision, from the point of view of a Psychoanalytic psychotherapist (which is what I am). As supervision is given in my profession I have several years behind me of the process, both the receiving and the giving of [...]

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Resonating Tones – Tim Jones

This is the first of 2 articles. It is a story from a particular time and place, with the resonance of 2 particular notes, the notes of the ground and the heart. Music has become (it crept up on me!) my devotional path, a line of inquiry that began 25 [...]

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Is there anybody there? : Cathy Salah

At our most recent sangha here in Bristol, we wondered whether other groups were continuing to meet on a regular basis, and if so, how they used their time. We agreed that we would let you know what WE did, and see what reponse there was. We are fortunate in [...]

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Yama, freedom in relationship – Peter Hersnack

In a recent seminar in England I took some time to speak of yama and niyama, and the idea has been put forward that it could be useful if I share my thoughts about these aspect of yoga with the readers of IN. You find below a brief distillation of [...]

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Svapna nidra jnana alambanam va

Month of:  January 2014 Sutra Title: Svapna nidra jnana alambanam va Translation: Mental stability also flows from the consciousness in dream and deep sleep Sutra Chapter and Verse:  Y.S. ch1 v38 This month's commentator:  Melissa Lomas YS I.38 svapnanidrajnanalambanam va Mental stability also flows from the consciousness in dream and [...]

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Breath as a Metaphor : Ranju Roy

My recent morning walks have been characterised by a beautiful, crisp, cold stillness. The bare trees have been silhouetted against the sky; as my group class students will know - the seasons have got me reflecting on the components of the breath - and even how those components can be [...]

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Student / Teacher Relationship

atha… The seeds were sown as long ago as 1982 when I went to my first yoga class during an extremely unhappy time in my life. I was lost and filled only with hopelessness and despair. Then someone suggested I should “try” yoga, as it had done her a lot [...]

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