All teacher members and trainees can advertise their classes and other events on the aYs website as well as in the Journal.


We are happy to accept advertisements for Yoga events, that are in keeping with our approach, which are either being run, or hosted by, teacher/trainee teacher members of the Association.


We will not accept advertisements for non-yoga events.

If you wish to advertise an event then please send the following details to the Events Coordinator

  • The exact wording you would like displayed on the website describing the course – this can be in a file or made clear within the email
  • The teacher(s) that will be conducting the event
  • Dates of the Event
  • The location of the event – including a postcode if possible – as this will then display correctly on the map
  • Prices and means for potential attendees to contact Teachers to register
  • An image for the course if you have one – a standard one will be used if not provided – please ensure .JPG and less than 2MB in size

Events will normally be posted within a few days of receipt of the information