Yoga mats and blocksJoining the Association for Yoga Studies

AYS is both a supportive community for all interested in the yoga tradition of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, and a guarantee of quality and commitment of teachers operating within this tradition.

There are three classes of membership: Friends, Teacher and Practitioner.  The membership year runs from 1st February to 31st January each year.

If you wish to become a member or renew your membership then please contact

Friends (non-teaching) Membership:

Friends (non-teaching) membership is open to anyone wishing to support and participate in the activities of AYS. General members receive the AYS journal, e-newsletters and discounts at AYS events.

Friends (non-teaching) membership currently costs £15.

Teacher and Practitioner Membership:

Teacher and Practitioner membership classes represent a mark of quality and commitment to tradition. Members in these classes;

  • Are committed to teaching within this tradition.
  • Have been trained to teach to a high quality.
  • Are insured.
  • Engage in ongoing in-service training.
  • Follow our code of conduct and are subject to our complaints procedure.

Teachers & Practitioners Membership costs £35 per year.

Trainee Teachers Membership: Trainee teachers on recognized courses can join for £20 per year.



Teachers are recognized as being able to teach group classes within this tradition. They are expected to be qualified yoga teachers to a standard at least equivalent to that of the British Wheel of Yoga, and have appropriate knowledge and experience of this approach to yoga.

Graduates of the Sadhana Mala 2 year teacher-training course are recognized as being qualified to join as teachers.

Practitioners are teachers who are additionally recognised as being capable of teaching in a 1-1 context, both therapeutically and developmentally. They will be trained at least up to a level sufficient to qualify as a yoga therapist by BCYT/CNHC.

Graduates of the following courses are recognized as being qualified to join as practitioners:

CYS/VB Practitioner Program
Sadhana Mala AIT (and 3 year practitioner program)
KHYF/TSYP teacher training.
Anusasanam extended program

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Individual Teacher Recognition

Other qualified and appropriately experienced teachers may apply for membership as a teacher or practitioner through the individual teacher recognition route. For more details on what is expected from you and to apply, see our membership classes policy and the teacher recognition application form.

Teacher Recognition Application Form

If you have any questions about teacher recognition please contact the committee via the Administrator Melissa Lomas on

Benefits of Membership:

These include:

The aYs Journal

This is usually published twice yearly, and is packed with interesting and informative articles written by our members or other interested people. Articles from back numbers can be found here

Website contributions

All members are able to contribute to the articles section.

Reduced charges

Members are eligible for reduced price entry to certain aYs-organised events.

In-Service Training

Ordinary members of the Association who are also qualified teachers are eligible to attend our IST training days.

Advertising on the Website

Advertising on the Website: All teacher members and trainees can advertise their classes and other events on the aYs website, and in the Journal, by filling in the on-line form, or by sending the details to Events Coordinator

We are happy to accept advertisements for Yoga events, that are in keeping with our approach, which are either being run, or hosted by, teacher/trainee teacher members of the Association. We will not accept advertisements for non-yoga events.

In-Service Training for Teaching Members (IST):

The Association requires its teaching members to complete ten hours of high quality approved In-Service Training per annum. The IST year runs from 1st January to 31st December. To qualify the training must be within our approach and at a level suitable for qualified teachers.

For further details please go to the IST page (available to aYs members only).


Recognition of Teacher Training Courses:

The aYs is interested in linking with other Teacher Trainers who also teach following Desikachar’s approach. If you are interested in writing your own course, or in having an existing course approved by the aYs, then the criteria against which aYs map new courses can be found below.

Applications should be sent to the aYs Committee via