Hilary Norman, Eleanor Dawson & Debbie Kerr-Nesbitt
Hilary Norman, Eleanor Dawson & Debbie Kerr-NesbittCo Directors
Duncan Baldwin Secretary
 Jan Cumming
Jan CummingWebsite Admin
I deal with the Website Administration with support from our Website Developer. If you have any queries, questions or ideas regarding any aspect of the Website then please contact me by email
Yvonne CattermoleCommitte Member
Debbie CharlettTreasurer
Debbie Kerr-Nesbitt
Debbie Kerr-NesbittEvents Organiser
Melissa Lomas
Melissa LomasAdministrator
I process aYs membership, new members, renewals, transitions from one status to another. I also process IST data, compiling an annual report for the directors giving information about Teacher and Practitioner IST and evidence of confimation. I manage all “info@ays.org” email, responding to emails, forwarding if appropriate, sending out information to members. I manage the membership database, updating and amending member’s records and assist with the posting of the journal twice a year.
Lesley MuirCommittee Member
Diana Chambers Journal Editor