On Thursday 13th December; a cold, crisp and sunny day; a special celebration took place at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire.  It was to celebrate the publication of “The Living Breath – An Art of Yoga” in English, a translation of the French book detailing Peter Hersnack’s course which took place in the Ardeche in 2002. It was such an apt setting as this was the first location that Peter came to teach in in the UK.

The celebration allowed members from all the different teams to meet and celebrate this work of love and dedication to Peter’s unique and inspirational teaching.  Eleanor Dawson had been the spark on this project as she had started this work with Peter himself.  After his passing Colette, Peter’s wife, was instrumental in keeping this project going.

The team that produced this book, so true to Peter’s words, was made up of Eleanor Dawson, Colette Hersnack, Ariane Felton, Sheila Baker, Robin Cauchois and Robin Colyer.  Unfortunately neither of the Robins could be with us, but we were also joined by Sylvie Palot, Christophe Gires from the Art of Yoga organisation; Hilary Norman, who assisted with the layout; Jan Cumming, who help with organising the event; Elizabeth & Phil Knott who have now become accidental book sellers and John Felton whose financial assistance allowed the book to reach publication.

Others joined us for the celebration and were able to meet the team and see the book in its completion. Launde delivered a beautiful lunch and tea. Colette gave a wonderful speech detailing all the work that is being done to spread Peter’s teaching via the Art of Yoga website and thanking all those involved.  Eleanor and Christophe did a “duet”, Christophe reading “the wind that weaves time” from the book and Eleanor improvising with her beautiful flute playing.

We may no longer have the man himself but we can all now allow Peter into our homes and practice through this beautiful book.  Filled with his words, yoga theory and sixteen practices it is a book that will not sit on your shelves but will be constantly in your hands.

The project has the continuing support of aYs in the UK and AOY (Art of Yoga) in France.  The project is looking for a new member who has skills in marketing and publicity.  If you are interested please contact Sheila Baker

For those who may be interested in purchasing a copy of the book. They are available through Elizabeth Knott at a cost of £13 or 15€.  Her contact details are elizknott52@gmail.com