The Yoga Sutras and Emotional Intelligence

Friday 21st July to Sunday 23rd July 2017

with Hilary Norman and Eleanor Dawson

other workshops from inspiring Viniyoga teachers

Venue:  Woodbrooke Quaker Conference Centre  Birmingham, B29 6LJ

Hilary and Eleanor would like to present their thoughts on Yoga viewed from the perspective of emotional intelligence.

These sessions will be interactive and informal, looking at  the concept of emotional intelligence as something innate which we can tap into as a ‘source’ or wellspring for our practice and study of yoga. Our approach will be very much our own, with only passing reference to the work of Daniel Goleman, whose book brought the term to fame in the 1990s. There are, however, some interesting parallels between many of the thoughts in the Yoga Sutras and EI, which we would like to elaborate on and explore.

Taking chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras as the foundation for our practice, we will explore its teaching on the human condition and practice while linking it to the other chapters. We will also spend time reflecting on chapter 4, to see how, if we use our emotional intelligence wisely, its promises can come into Being.

Hilary Norman

Hilary has been practising yoga for over 40 years. She trained with Paul Harvey, and she has studied with the Association of Yoga Studies – aYs (formerly Viniyoga Britain) for nearly 30 years. She has been a teacher for nearly 25 years and also teaches Vedic Chant, having completed the 2-year Vedic Chant Teacher Training course run by the Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga in Chennai (where she has also attended several study courses). More recently she has been strongly influenced by the teaching of Peter Hersnack, working with him for several years.

She is fascinated by the difference the use of yoga techniques can make to our daily lives. This sounds simple but in fact it is huge, since the yoga practice permeates every part of our lives and offers endless possibilities for constructive and creative change.

Eleanor Dawson

Eleanor began studying yoga with Hanne Gillespie in 2001, and completed the Sadhana Mala Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy programme in Dublin in 2010. She teaches group classes, individual sessions and workshops locally, elsewhere in Ireland and in the UK.

Eleanor’s background in music led naturally to a fascination with the use of sound in yoga. She gives regular workshops blending sound in asana and Vedic chant, with a more exploratory approach to the therapeutic potential of resonance through mobilising energy.

Eleanor studied for several years with Peter Hersnack and has prepared a translation of his book, La Chair Vivante. His teaching remains a constant source of inspiration and a spur to explore the living integration of philosophy and practice.

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